About Endless Food Systems….

     We are the OEM for our kits.  We manufacture them in Forestburg, Texas.  While we wish we could say we have 50 years experience with Aquaponics, the truth is no one can make that statement since modern aquaponics has only been around since the late 1990’s.  We are 3rd generation farmers and have a passion for researching and testing the latest techniques.  The president of Endless Food Systems is Chad Hudspeth.  Posted Sign of Hudspeth Farm, GMO Free, Since 1884His father currently operates Hudspeth Farms, http://youtu.be/FUsM76N90RA &   http://www.hudspethfarm.com/.  Hudspeth Farms is located in North Texas on family land that has been passed down through the generations.  A commercial Aquaponics system was recently installed there to help provide some of the specialty vegetables the chef’s in Dallas are demanding.

In 2011 we had the privilege to attend the very beginning of the Aquaponics Association in Orlando Fl.  There we met some of the movers and shakers in our industry including Murray Hallam of Practical Aquaponics Australia:

Pictured Left to right: Chad Hudspeth, Murray Hallam, Dale Hudspeth, Linda Hudspeth

Chad Hudspeth, Murray Hallam, Dale Hudspeth & Linda Hudspeth

It was a great week of learning and visiting the local Aquaponic farms in the Orlando area.  We proudly support the Aquaponics Association and encourage you to become a member & get involved!  It is through organizations like it that the word about aquaponics can spread throughout the world….and why is that so important?  We truly believe if enough people learn of this growing technique it WILL end WORLD HUNGER.  That is a bold statement but it is the truth.  Go here to learn more about the association:  http://aquaponicsassociation.org/.

Main Location: Forestburg, Texas

Endless Food Systems LogoOur main manufacturing & shipping center is located in Forestburg, TX (Note: We have moved from Phoenix, AZ to Texas). We strive to continually deliver cutting edge, simplistic kits to enable the common man to become self sufficient.


As the USA stares at an un-certain future  where only a few absolute truths can be known, (one being that the dollar WILL become less valuable thereby raising the price of food), it has never been more important to become food self sufficient. Join us in the food revolution!