A Few Things We Admire!

Below is a list of different ‘things’ we admire: Documentaries, Folks, Websites


Short list of some of our favorite documentaries:

Food Related:

Financial Related:

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead The Secret of OZ
Food Inc. The American Dream (on YouTube)
Genetic Roulette Money as Debt 1,2 & 3
Forks over Knives The Money Masters
Food Matters Thrive the Movement
Super Size Me Strategic Relocation
Fresh Currency vs. Money
King Corn
Fast Food Nation

Links to some folks & websites we admire:  They have a great training program for those interested in learning about aquaponics and joining a world wide effort to build systems through mission efforts in other nations

Practical Aquaponics,   This is Murray Hallams website (the GURU) in Australia and it is full of great information.  His blog is also very good and comprehensive.  If you have not seen his videos:  Aquaponic Secrets, Aquaponics Made Easy, & several more, they are quite entertaining and valuable.   Located in HI, this site is ran by Susanne Friend and Tim Mann.  They have a commercial farm and were the “First” in many aquaponic arenas.  They also offer an exceptional course at their facility and bring to the table a lot of practical experience.  Is the main USA organization and we highly encourage anyone interested in aquaponics to support them & become a member. More Info We bring to the aquaponics industry over a decade of experience in aquaculture (raising fish for food or ornamental purposes) and water filtration and treatment. Often overlooked, the aquaculture side of aquaponics is vitally important to the success of aquaponic systems and we are here to shed light on it, giving many aquaponic growers the “missing piece” they have been looking for.

More Resources:
Agricultural Supplies: We proudly serve our customers with Agricultural Supplies, Farming Equipment and Bulk Feed products and services that are reasonably priced.

Self Sufficient Farm Living Learning and enjoying American Traditional Skills and Crafts. There is nothing like the feeling of self sufficient living. Why pay the high prices of today’s economy when you can make or build it yourself.