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The Aquaponics Association

We are strong believers that sharing information about aquaponics with the entire world is good for everyone.

Aquaponics can help end world hunger, even in the most desolate places on earth.

Think how many areas could benefit by growing food with no soil and upwards of 90% less water! We believe it is possible that all of us together could help to reduce or even eliminate hunger and the reliance on so much food aid around the world by teaching people to grow food (fish and produce) themselves via a sustainable system!

The mission of the association is to promote the benefits of aquaponics via education and outreach. It does not matter if you are a commercial grower, a DIYer, someone who bought a kit or system from some or any company, an organization, a school, or a non-profit some how tied to aquaponics, you can help!

Get involved and support the Aquaponics Association today!

Aquaponics Association Attendance…
…It Begain Even Before We (Endless Food Systems) Did!

PictureChad Hudspeth, Murray Hallam, Dale Hudspeth, & Linda Hudspeth

Before existed Chad Hudspeth, company founder, was able to attend the very first Aquaponics Association Conference (2011) held in Orlando, Florida with some of his family (multigenerational family of ranchers & farmers).

Chad was grateful and fortunate to meet with industry leaders such Murray Hallam (pictured right of Chad) among other prominent people in the growing aquaponics industry.

Chad was enthusiastic to start Endless Food Systems in 2012 (and begin offering products for sale in the spring of 2013) after spending a countless amount of time and resources testing various setups in order to become the first aquaponics manufacturing company to offer easy to setup and install complete aquaponics systems. These early systems (Sanctuary Series – our main full expandable systems still available today) were and are available for backyard and indoor home use that are aesthetically pleasing to look at and  include everything needed to get started (including heirloom seeds) except for water & fish.


2013 Aquaponics Association Conference: Tucson, Arizona

We attended the Aquaponics Association Conference in 2013 located in nearby Tucson, AZ and let us just say it  was great and we highly recommend any one tied to or interested in aquaponics, especially if you are interested in more than a backyard setup, to attend next years conference or at least become a member and to join with a local chapter in your community! We as a larger community need a leader for the industry and the Aquaponics Association is it!

We heard from and met many leaders and experts in aquaponics, aquaculture, permaculture, sustainability, and related fields, plus regular people and companies both experienced and new to aquaponics that made the overall experience truly amazing! If you missed this one, don’t miss the next conference! Join up today and support the Aquaponics Association now!

Aquaponics Association 2013 Conference

AAC Aquaponics Tours in Tucson, AZ


It was wonderful to see first hand some of the great aquaponics and other work happening with the CEAC at U of A! You can see some of it live too online at Tomatoes Live!

Manzo Elementary – We enjoyed seeing the great work Moses, students & teachers are doing with aquaponics and Going Green!

Check it out here:

Speakers in 2013:

The keynote speakers were AMAZING!

Do yourself a favor, if you do not know who these keynote speakers are, find out and learn what they have to say!
Joel Salatin
Max Meyers

Additional Speakers:
Gene Giacomelli, Ph. D. (University of Arizona)
James R. Hollyer,  MS (Farm/Greenhouse/Packing shed food safety coaching: & ADAP Project:

Workshop Presenters in 2013:

Sylvia Bernstein (President and Founder of & Co Founder of the Aquaponics Association)
Christopher Brignola
Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr (co-founder, RighTrac, Inc.)
Bethany Butler (Horticulturist / Senior Florist, Cincinnati Park Board – Krohn Conservatory)
Gina Cavaliero  (Co-Founder of the Aquaponics Association, Chairman/Managing Director, The Aquaponics Association/Green Acre Aquaponics)
Ryan Chatterson (Owner, Chatterson Farms)
Adam Cohen (Owner, Green Phoenix Farm)
Gary Delanoy  (Biology and Chemistry Instructor at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy High School)
Ryan Dunwoody (M.S. Candidate, University of Central Missouri)
James M Ebeling, PhD (Research Engineer)
Jacob Freepons  (Founder, Permaculture Schools)
Dale Paul Golden (Former President, The Center for Sustainable Aquaponics, LLC)
Kaley Hearnsberger  (Farming Resource Coordinator, International Rescue Committee)
James Helfter (CEO, Advanced Biological Concepts)
Paul Holowko (OsmoBot Co-Founder, Gardening Rhythms)
Vlad Jovanovic (Chief Alchemist, Aqua Bashta, Dubona, Serbia)
Carlos Leon  (Founder and Director, BOFISH)
Kevin Liang (Founder, Aqua Design Innovations)
Glenn Martinez  (Owner, Olomana Gardens)
Bill McDorman (Executive Director, Native Seeds/SEARCH)
Rob Nash (Master Aquapon, Austin Aquaponics)
Jon Parr  (President, Fishnet Aquaponics)
Kevin Savage  (Environmental Science Instructor at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy High School)
Tawnya Sawyer  (Director of Education and Business Development, Colorado Aquaponics)
Jessica Schilke  (Aquaponics Project Lead, The Evergreen State College)
Meg Stout (Engineer, Author) (Current President of the Aquaponics Association) (author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening.)
Sarah Kendall Taber (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Florida)
Rob Torcellini (Owner, Bigelow Brook Farm)
Casey Townsend (Founder, Tucson AquaPonics Project) – Thanks Casey, you did a great job hosting the conference in Tucson!
Tony Vaught (Owner, ProAquaculture Inc,)
Brendan Woltman( Owner, EcoGro, LLC)