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At Endless Food Systems we are the original manufacturer based out of Forestburg TX. Our products are assembled in the USA. We currently offer 2 kinds of dealer programs for qualifying parties. We strive to protect our dealers both logistically and concerning the retail prices. Dealers are restricted from marketing the Endless Food System name, logo, and sub products on the world wide web (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Google Adwords, and other third party sites) but have complete freedom to market our products on their own websites and to their geographical territories.

We are looking for interested dealers that have a passion for aquaponics and that have a physical location to display our products.

Standard Dealer
A standard dealer is allowed to resale our Endless Food System kits and accessories through their own website, physical store, or other generally accepted venues. We are not accepting dealers that are online only at this time, you must have a physical location where inventory can be held and systems displayed.  We offer drop shipping from our Texas factory direct to your customers. A minimum opening order of $15,000 of Endless Food Systems inventory is required and a minimum of 3 full size kits sales per year is required. To obtain more information and the dealer application, please fill out the form below.

Private Label Dealer
A private label dealer is allowed to place their own logo, system color and name on our products to market and resale through their distributorship or dealer network. There are no marketing restrictions other than retail price minimums. Custom colors and designs are also available at this level. An opening order of $35,000 or more of inventory is required. A minimum annual purchase of 12 full size kits is required to maintain a private label account. Drop shipping is available direct to your customer or dealers. To obtain more information and the dealer application, please fill out the form below.

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