Genesis Series


g24-labeledGenesis is our most affordable aquaponics systems series.  It is an expandable system up to 48 sq. ft. of grow bed space (up to 3 hyro beds), plus you can add up to 2 wicking beds. If you think you will need more grow space, consider our Sanctuary series

All Genesis systems include a 140 gallon insulated fish tank with an internal radial filter & easy drain / clean out valve system. An additional filter & nitrification tank is located between the pebble bed and hyrdo beds. The Genesis uses only 44 watts of AC power! The fish tank is 40″ wide X 48″ X 42″ high. Hyro beds are the same size but 12″ deep.

The Genesis has a pebble bed built right into the top of the fish tank.

A minimum* 40″ wide door opening is required to fit the Fish tank through for our “standard” setup.

*NOTE: If you need to get the system through a smaller door space, we can modify our standard Genesis setup to fit through a door way space as small as 33″ for an additional modification fee. See the options on our Genesis Product pages, or contact us to learn more.


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Included with all Genesis Series Purchases:

  • Owners manual
  • Simple step-by-step & day-to-day detail worksheets
  • Access to multiple videos including:
    • Assembly/Installation Videos (Systems, Wicking & Hydro Beds)
    • Instruction & Training Videos (Intro Class, Cycling & Water Quality, Insect Control, Grow Beds & Filtration, GMO and Heirlooms, Mechanical Maintenance & Seed Tips, Off Grid & ROI)


growth All our Genesis system kits include EVERYTHING you need (Pebbles, stands, pumps, waster test kits, EDDHA iron, plant food, we even include seeds!), just fill with water, plug it in, add fish, and get growing! growth2-sm
System Color Choices:






Compare Genesis Systems:

Model #  





Sq’ of Grow

Bed Space

Size Watts Expansion,

Pebble Bed

add up to:

Hydro Bed

Avg. Annual


G-12 1 0 12 40″X48″ 44 none 3 360
G-24 1 1 24 48″X96″ 44 none 2 720
G-36 1 2 36 48″X152″ 44 none 1 1,080
Wicking Bed
Up to 3 wicking beds may be

added to any system layout