Fish Powered Gardens Introduction Summary

Chad Hudspeth showcased Aquaponics on National Geographic’s Dooms Day Preppers show in 2013 and was later featured on National Geographic’s Selling Survival Series…. Chad wanted the world to see how you can grow your own food in your own backyard!

Chad grew up eating fresh food from his family’s farm & grandma’s garden. He remembers the food tasting great… one reason the food had such a great taste was because it was grown in nutrient rich un-depleted soil that was Full of MINERALS!

Tip – Most supermarket fruits and vegetables today are grown in depleted soils and lack flavor! Want to put flavor back in your food in addition to eating healthier, then keep in mind that Minerals are the KEY! A Fish Powered Garden (aquaponic garden) empowers you to get that flavor back along with all the health benefits!

What is a Fish Powered Garden?

A combination of two things: Aquaculture (where you grow fish alone) and Hydroponics (where you grow plants without soil (either roots hanging in the water, or the plants are growing out of gravel or a pebble bed).

The problem with Aquaculture and Hydroponics is the water becomes polluted and about 50% or more of the water has to be discharged nearly every week. However when you combine Aqua Culture with Hydroponics, you get Aquaponics…