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Stages of food growth to help people who want to learn about aquaponics understand better.Learn Aquaponics &

How To Grow Nutrient Rich Foods!

Customer Mike G. Testimonial with collage of pictures of his aquaponics system and his kids holding fresh veggies from the system.

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Let us help you to learn aquaponics and how to grow high quality real foods packed full of nutrients! Let us guide you to avoid the frustrations of figuring it all out on your own. A green thumb is NOT required! You can do it!

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Online Training

Multiple Online Video Training Classes Coming Soon (Topics include, but are not limited to: non genetically modified organisms (GMO) Seeds, maintenance and care of your system, running a system off grid, controlling insect naturally without harmful pesticides, supplementing your plants, keeping your system properly cycled, maintaining your water quality, grow beds, best times to plant and what to plant for each season of the year)


ArticlesPictures of basket of fresh veggies

  • What Is Aquaponics? (Aquaponics Explained)
  • Benefits of Aquaponics There are many benefits to growing food with aquaponics. We cover many here including the 3 best, as well as nutrional benfits, and more! (Also learn about: The Dangers of Pesticides & GMOs, Avoiding Harmful Substances, Eating Healthier Overall, An Economical Choice)
  • What to Plant & How to Grow with Aquaponics (How it Works, Deciding What and When to Grow)
  • ROI of an ‘Aquaponics’ System (I.E., Return On Investment of Growing Food With Aquaponics, “Buy Out” of the Food Market & Eat Healthy!, A Threat To Us All (Value of the Dollar), A Potential Source of Income)
  • Aquaponics Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ (e.g., Is it more efficient or faster than a regular soil garden?, Do I need a greenhouse?, Does the water or pebbles ever need to be changed?, What can I Grow?, etc..)