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Articles Related To Aquaponics We Have Written That Have Been Published Elsewhere

Occasionally we write articles for a magazines, journals, related websites, etc… We will try to keep track of them on this page. If you are an editor or webmaster and would like us to write an article for your publication, please contact us and let us know more about you. If you would prefer to interview Chad, please contact us as well.

National Geographic Channel: Selling Survival Series

The National Geographic Channel website published an article from Chad about aquaponics in October 2013.





Freedoms Phoenix Magazine – April 17th, 2015


Garden of Endless FoodArticle:

“Mastering a fish powered garden is much easier than soil gardening” ~Chad

Freedoms Phoenix Magazine – July 5th, 2013


Chad wrote an excellent article about how he came to discover aquaponics and talks about how his father and him learned by experimentation and research! The article includes details about what aquaponics is, how it works, and the process of developing functional kits in the beginning of Endless Food Systems in 2012. FYI – You do have to be a subscriber of Freedoms Phoenix to read the article. In addition to this article, Chad was interviewed by Ernest Hancock of back in April of 2013. Go Here To Listen.