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We invite you to browse through our aquaponics store and shop with confidence. We have been in business since 2012, allowing you to shop confidently knowing our kits and products are proven to work! We offer many products to meet your food growing needs! From small to full size setups, to greenhouses, to lighting, to training / education materials, and of course to accessory items to help you get started and to continue growing high quality foods packed full of nutrients.

We are proud to be introducing 100’s of new products to help meet your needs from Reverse Osmosis filtering systems, to our attractive Eden Mini Garden fountain, to our exclusive Endless Food System battery backup kit that includes a 12 volt pump.  Check back often as we are continuing to add several new products.

If you are looking to purchase a large complete kit but have questions about which one to choose, this page has information about fullsize kits (Genesis Series & our Sanctuary Series) or call (770)-241-2029 with any questions.

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