Eden Mini Garden


Eden Indoor/Outdoor Mini Garden!

Great for small scale All Year herb/veggie gardening with beauty & style! Enjoy the fountain with the soothing sound of flowing water!



Eden Mini Garden

Our Eden Mini Garden is a fountain that is also a true aquaponic system. Some companies claim small hydroponic or hybrid systems are an aquaponic system, but many times that is not the case. With us, our Eden Mini Gardens are real, complete, small aquaponic eco system fountains that are a perfect addition to any home! Use them indoors, outside on a patio or deck. If the season changes so it is too hot or too cold outside, you can bring the fountains inside and continue growing herbs, lettuce, and other small plant foods.

Ships To Continental US Only

Eden Fish Powered Indoor Mini Garden
Great for All Year Herb/Kitchen Gardening


Fail Safe Gardening!

Green Thumb Not Required For Success!


  • Grows Just About Anything!
  • Authentic Aquaponics System, A Fish Powered Micro-Garden!
  • Soothing Sound of Water Flowing!
  • No GMO’s, No Pesticides (Organic Pure Food)!
  • Extremely Easy & Low Maintenance!


Eden Dimensions: 31″ tall & 24″ in diameter with a 20 gallon fish tank.


Eden kits include everything you need except water & fish to get started! Includes: Clay Pebbles for media bed, Magnetic drive water pump, 6 Heirloom seed packs, pH water test kit, Ammonia monitor, Nitrifying Bacteria, Oyster shells for pH control, Access to our online member’s area, Pre-Assembled (plug & play), and Detailed owner’s manual.


Accessories Available For Purchase: Plant Dolly, Trellis (pictured above), Light for fish tank, Lamps With Grow Bulbs (pictured above).

                Recover Your Investment Quickly!

  • How much do you spend on fresh organic produce?
  • Depending on how much you eat, you could recoup your investment in a year or two! It’s all gravy after that!
  • With Aquaponics, food grows much faster than soil based gardening plus you can pack plants in tighter as they are not
    fighting in soil for nutrients!
  • You could put 5+ heads of organic lettuce (staggered growing), an organic tomato vine growing up the trellis (accessory product), cucumbers hanging over the side on a table, etc… Get really creative to figure out what works best for you!
  • Buy two Eden Mini Gardens and go to town with herbs and more if you choose!
  • All Indoors: Fresh Organic Food is Simply Steps Away!


*The Flexible Neck Floor Lamp (Add on purchase) –  The light comes with a socket adapter, two grow bulbs, and timer. The floor lamp is only for supplement lighting and the Eden may not be able to grow without some sunlight assistance (does not need to be direct light).

Additional information


Taupe, Terra Cotta Brick

Flexible Neck Floor Lamp*

–None–, $159.95 – Add Tree Lamp


–None–, $29.95 – Add Trellis


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