Sanctuary 72

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The Sanctuary 72 is a six grow bed aquaponics kit which can yield 72 square feet of growing space and can grow up to 720 lbs of vegetables per year. It contains a 275 gallon insulated fish tank that includes an internal radial filter and an easy drain / clean out valve system.

The Sanctuary 72 can be expanded by adding additional grow beds. It ships standard with everything needed to get started except for water & fish! The S-72 model is easy to get setup and going after the freight company delivers it to you!

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The Sanctuary 72 yields 72 square feet of grow bed space and can grow up to 720lbs of vegetables per year. All Sanctuary Series kits contain a 275 gallon insulated fish tank with an internal radial filter & easy drain / clean out valve system. An additional filter is located in the hydro bed. A Sanctuary system can grow up to 50lbs – 75lbs of fish per year.

  • The S-72 includes 1 Fish Tank (275 gallons), 2 pebble bed (12 sq. ft.), 4 Hydro Bed (12 sq. ft.)
  • Up to 6 wicking beds can be added to the S-72
  • The Sanctuary uses 50-75 watts at 110 volts
  • Fish Tank: 40″ X 48″ X 46″ High
  • Individual Pebble Grow Bed: 40″ X 48″ X 12″ Deep
  • Individual Hydro Bed: 40″ X 48″ X 12″ Deep
  • Standard Setup Area Size: 80″ X 104″ (includes a 16″ walkway)

Attention: A minimum 40″ wide door opening is required to fit the Fish tank through (e.g., if you plan to grow indoor).

What is included?

  • Detail owners manual
  • Simple step-by-step & day-to-day detail worksheets
  • Water & Air Pumps
  • Pre Cut Plumbing Connections
  • Insulated Fish Tank
  • API Freshwater Test Kit
  • Clay Pebbles
  • EDDHA Iron
  • Swirl Filter (built in)
  • Non-GMO Seeds
  • Bacteria Inoculant
  • Oyster Shells
  • Plant Supplement
  • Easy Clean Valve System
  • Access to Members Area
  • Access to multiple videos including:
    • Assembly/Installation Videos (Systems, Wicking & Hydro Beds)
    • Instruction & Training Videos (Intro Class, Cycling & Water Quality, Insect Control, Grow Beds & Filtration, GMO and Heirlooms, Mechanical Maintenance & Seed Tips, Off Grid & ROI)

Designed & manufactured so there is very little assembly required 


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