Red Cedar Greenhouse


The Red Cedar Greenhouse is Available For Sale Now!

“We love love love the greenhouse Endless Food Systems built for us- the product is so high quality and beautiful- and the whole system is amazing. We researched greenhouses very carefully before finding this product and it combines everything that we liked about all other products into one beautiful structure that fits the aquaponics system perfectly. Very highly recommend this company!!”  Nikole D


Shipping is $295. Ships via Freight.

If you have questions, please contact us!

Note: Shade covers are available for sale, but please call to order those at this time. Details lower on this page.

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Our red cedar greenhouses are custom designed for aquaponics, but can be used for any purpose.

Standard Sizes: 6 mm
Roof Panel
10 mm
Roof Panel
Other Upgrade Items: Price
11′ 3″ x 12′ $5,245 $5,545 Screens for all windows and vents $639
11′ 3″ x 16′ $6,495 $6,895 Thermostat controlled exhaust fan $449
11′ 3″ x 20′ $7,745 $8,245 Shade Cloth cover for summertime TBA
11′ 3″ x 24′ $8,995 $9,595
11′ 3″ x 28′ $10,245 $10,945
11′ 3″ x 32′ $11,495 $12,295
11′ 3″ x 36′ $12,745 $13,645


Shade Cover for Endless Food System Greenhouses

Please Call To Order Shade Covers At This Time: 770-241-2029

Made in the USA, these covers are made of high quality material & will NOT fall apart after 1 season! These custom covers keep the interior of the greenhouse cool in the hot months of the year. They are 100% UV protected, knitted polyethelyne with double stitched seamed edges. This material will not unravel even if a hole or tear occurs. Brass grommets are located every 24″ allowing them to fit our greenhouses perfectly. Exterior fasteners are provided. Roof and Wall shades are sold seperately enabling you to customize your greenhouse as needed. Wall shades are sold individually, so if you want to cover the left and right sides, you will need to order a quantity of 2 for your size. All covers are located on the exterior and may be attached or removed each season. The average life expectancy is 8-10 years.

The percentage of shade should be determined by your location. For example, Texas summers generally need around 50-60% while Arizona’s extreme heat requires a 60-80%. States above the Mason Dixon line may only need a 40%. Check with your local nurseries or gardening clubs for more detailed information about your area.

All covers are black in color. Shipping is a flat $20

Additional information

Roof Panel Size

10 mm, 6 mm

Screens (windows & vents)

–None–, $639 – Add Screens

Thermostat Controlled Exhaust Fan

–None–, $449 Add Exhaust Fan

Greenhouse Dimensions

12 Foot (11′ 3″ x 12′), 16 Foot (11′ 3″ x 16′), 20 Foot (11′ 3″ x 20′), 24 Foot (11′ 3″ x 24′), 28 Foot (11′ 3″ x 28′), 32 Foot (11′ 3″ x 32′), 36 Foot (11′ 3″ x 36′)


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