Product included in the cycling startup deluxe kit, which includes everything in the essential startup kit, plus organic insect control and oyster shells.

Aquaponics Cycling Startup Deluxe Kit


The Cycling Startup Deluxe Kit includes: Worm Castings, Trace Minerals, EDDHA Iron, Ammonia, Microbes, Organic 320, Insect Control and Oyster Shells.

Product Description

Aquaponics Cycling Kit (Startup Deluxe)

This Aquaponics Cycling Kit, our Startup Deluxe, includes everything in our Cycling Startup Essentials Kit (organic worm castings, trace minerals, iron, ammonia, microbes, and Organic 320) plus this kit includes Organic Insect Control and Oyster Shells. This deluxe cycling startup kit to help get your fish-less aquaponics system started will save you some money over buying each individual item separately.


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