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We love receiving customer testimonials and getting pictures to see how our customers are doing!

Nikole D’s Greenhouse & Aquaponics Systems

“We love love love the greenhouse Endless Food Systems built for us- the product is so high quality and beautiful- and the whole system is amazing. We researched greenhouses very carefully before finding this product and it combines everything that we liked about all other products into one beautiful structure that fits the aquaponics system perfectly. Very highly recommend this company!!”

Aquaponics Greenhouse Layoutstwo aquaponics systems in greenhouseview from the corner side aquaponics greenhouse

Note: Chad installed the above system and created a timeline video of it being setup. You can watch it on our product page.

Mike G’s Backyard Aquaponics System

The pictures below were taken not too long after he first set it up:

“Even though it may seem like a large system, I was able to put the whole thing together and have it running in about an hour” ~ Mike G.


…Thank you for following up.  We assembled the system and had it running within just a couple hours.  It was very easy and the instructions were great…

…My nitrite started spiking a week ago, so i think my system is almost done cycling.  I’m very excited.  Feel free to use any pictures on your website. Thanks for everything,..  Mike G.

Nathan’s Greenhouse and Pool… How Cool Is That!

Plus Greenhouse Pictures From Rob & John!

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Customer Pictures (click the images below for a larger view):

DIY Customer Pictures


DIY Patio Aquaponics



DIY Aquaponics build from a customer

Craig K. – Indoor Aquaponics Set Up

Picture of initial setup of Craig's Indoor Aquaponics System“Wow thanks for the update and information Chad. I’m really happy with my system. Now I’m excited about planting and getting my crops producing. I forgot to tell you I used some PVC and made wall hangers for my lights. Had dedicated hanging electrical plugs for my system. I really appreciate your assistance.” ~Craig

Picture of grow beds with indoor lighting

New Setup of Craig's Indoor System with Grow Lights






Update from Craig – March 2016:

Chad, we have already harvested about 14 lettuce plants and all oPicture of Craigs Grow Bed with Producef our radishes. The Spinach is coming along slowly and our Baby Broccoli coming along great.
Our tomatoes are 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall hanging on there grow baskets waiting for them to bloom. Both type pepper plants (banana and jalapeño) growing great and fast. Onions and chives coming along well.
Also, have 18 tomato plants hanging upside down and some in big pots ready to go outside.. our cucumbers are also doing great growing fast
The 50 Talaipia are really growing like weeds, wow getting huge another 4 months and we can start eating some.

Can’t believe my water test are good and my Ph level is perfect. Tanks filter needs cleaning twice a week lots of solids.. my worms are doing a good job cleaning up in the pebbles and wicker beds.
It’s a great project and it’s great eating some of the vegetables I grew..” ~ Craig K.