Wicking Beds

Diagram Picture of a Wicking Bed

What is it?
A wicking bed allows water stored in the bottom to “wick” or soak up through the soil to the plants root system. This capillary action naturally waters the plants using far less water than a regular garden system. An emergency overflow drain is located in the bed to prevent over watering. Since really the only water lost in the system is to evaporation it is extremely efficient. In a regular garden you not only lose water to the sub-soil but you also lose all the nutrients. Both of these issues are resolved with a wicking bed. We suggest using the nutrient rich water from your aquponics system to further enhance plant growth. If your aquaponics system is subject to rainfall, you can attach an overflow hose to the wicking bed to use up some of the excess water. With a wicking bed, you can grow several root crops to go along with your aquaponics production.

Our kit comes with Grow Stones for the bottom layer, the filling tube and pre-assembled plumbing. You will need to add your own compost or potting soil. We recommend a 1:1 mixture of potting soil with straw. Great for all types of root crops!