Kits To Fit Your Aquaponic Goals:

Full Size & Complete System Kits

Basic Plumbing Kit

 Plumbing Deluxe Kit

Aquaponics Systems

Kits – Full Size! Easy to assemble into complete aquaponics systems. Includes everything you need to get started except for water and fish!

Pictured components of our basics DIY plumbing kit

Plumbing Kit Basics! Perfect for a Do It Yourself (er) wanting to build their own system, but not start completely from scratch!

Picture of individual items in our aquaponics plumbing kit, deluxe. Includes pumps, auto siphons, plumbing parts, and a fishless cycling startup kit.

Deluxe Plumbing Kit -Provides items to plumb a do it yourself (homemade) built aquaponic system and perform a fishless cycle startup.

 DIY Manual & Videos

Essential Cycling Startup Kit

 Deluxe Cycling Startup Kit

DIY Aquaponics EBook

DIY Aquaponics Videos & Manual – Learn the knowledge how to build any size system! From a small backyard system to a very large one!

Images of products in cycling startup essentials kit. Includes: worm castings, trace minerals, iron, ammonia, microbes, organic 320

Cycling Startup Essentials Kit – You’ve built your system and want to do a fishless startup! Kit includes essential items to help!

Product included in the cycling startup deluxe kit, which includes everything in the essential startup kit, plus organic insect control and oyster shells.

Cycling Startup Deluxe Kit (fishless startup) – Includes same items as the essential kit, plus organic insect control and oyster shells!

 A Revolutionary Growing Technique!

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