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Endless Food Systems has been building aquaponics system products since 2012.

Since the beginning two of our main goals have been:

1) To make it as easy as possible for our customers to get started growing their own food

2) To provide our customers with the tools they need to be successful.



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What You Get:

  • Everything Included (except water & fish): We ship absolutely EVERYTHING you will need to get started: pumps (water & air), pre-cut plumbing connections, grow beds, insulated fish tank, clay pebbles, filters, API freshwater test kit, bacteria inoculant, EDDHA iron, oyster shells, plant supplement, cycling ammonia, trace minerals, easy clean valve system, and Non-GMO seeds.
  • Fast & Easy Setup: Plug & play with no drilling or cutting required. Our designs make it simple for customers to assemble everything quickly.
  • Aquaponics Training Videos: Our customers receive access to hours of training videos. Subjects include: The Health Difference, Grow Beds & Filtration, GMO and Heirlooms, Mechanical Maintenance & Seed Tips, Off Grid & ROI, Cycling & Water Quality, and Insect Control
  • Assembly/Installation Videos
  • Detail Owners Manual
  • Simple Step-by-Step & Day-to-Day Detail Worksheets

 Aquaponics Systems Focused On Plant Growth, Easier Management, & Layout Flexibility

We have completely redesigned our Genesis and Sanctuary aquaponics systems to make getting started growing food with aquaponics as simple as it can be without the headaches many people experience with other systems. Endless Food Systems has mastered the manufacturing process allowing our customers to experience:

  • Superior Plant Growth: Our aquaponics systems were designed from the ground up for significantly better plant growth compared to traditional setups.
  • Easier System Management: Our new design and filters make it much easier to manage your aquaponic system.
  • Built In Flexibility: Extremely strong fine foot adjustments and positioning capabilities (before water is added).

Our newly designed radial and swirl pre-filters make your system much easier to manage allowing it to perform at its highest level. Without Aquaponics Systemsthese filters, an aquaponics system can get a thick sludge in just the first two years of operation that would require the end user to have to empty and clean their pebble bed. That is a nasty and difficult job. Also with these filters, you can have too many fish and not over drive the system resulting in easier management. We also utilize a two stage hydro bed filter that promotes much better plant growth and helps keep your system looking nice and clean.

We have designed a custom leg leveler resulting in each foot of our grow beds being capable of holding significantly more weight. Our design prevents slipping that can lead to a collapsing stand or water emptying out that some systems have issues with.

Our built in flexible positioning capabilities allows you to easily move and adjust the layout of grow beds (during setup only, not after the system is full of water).  Many old school or traditional system designs are built using rigid pvc pipe. One problem with this is if a system settles even 1/2″ it can break the fittings and spill water everywhere resulting in fish death and more problems. Although our flexible pipe design is a lot more expensive, it allows our customers to change where their grow beds go and if a bed settles or is bumped, it will not break off.

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Remember one of the biggest advantages to our complete system products over our competitors is that we send absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get started except the water & fish. A recap of just some of what you get with your order: Cycling ammonia, years supply of EDDHA iron, trace minerals & access to 7 hours of training videos. Also, there are no holes to drill, no pipes to cut, nothing to figure out- just connect the tubing and fill it with water. Even the majority of our water and air pumps are factory installed. Anything we can pre-assemble at the factory is performed to make the assembly for the end user as simple as possible. We also send some seed packets, professional API water test kit, oyster shells to balance pH and our own blend of a foliar plant food so you can successfully grow plants during the first 3 months of operation while the aquaponic system is cycling and building up its microbial life!

“I was never a very good gardener before, but with Chad’s system, I have been able to grow a lot more food than I ever have before. It was easy to learn how to grow with aquaponics, and it is very easy to maintain.” ~Mike G.

Greenhouse Aquaponics Customer Photo


“We love love love the greenhouse Endless Food Systems built for us- the product is so high quality and beautiful- and the whole system is amazing. We researched greenhouses very carefully before finding this product and it combines everything that we liked about all other products into one beautiful structure that fits the aquaponics system perfectly. Very highly recommend this company!!” Nikole D.

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